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We are global youth 8 to 21 years old.

SWorld inspires positive & creative engagement on and off the tech-grid. Acquired skills, knowledge, interests and ideas are put into practice through virtual collaboration, off-tech experiences and SWorld Team projects to learn and have FUN together.







Each month your creative spirit is tapped by a monthly Spark Word. Art, animation, poetry, haiku, music lyrics, or a screenplay!



Record a video of your interpretation, explaining your Step 1 Spark Word Story, Music, and Artwork! We want you to share your personality.



Once every 6 months, create a short film, 3 - 9 minutes about YOU! Who are you? What do you do for fun?


SWorld Teams

Connect & Collaborate: Choose your SWorld Team/s that connect to an SDG(Sustainable Development Goals) to communicate with global peers about the topics you are most passionate about or wish to investigate!



Join our weekly Core (Care) Call. Meet new Scribers and have FUN!

Why Should You Join?

and ideas are put into practice through virtual collaboration, off-tech experiences and SWorld Team projects.

Discovering Passions & Talents as part of your individual, yet shared, adventure with the SWorld community;

Building a Unique Global Network with peers from every corner of the world;

Breaking Fears of other Cultures; overcoming generational stereotypes and cultural barriers by inspiring cross-cultural awareness and collaboration;

Improving English communication (recognized as the universal language) by simply having fun, connecting and interacting with global peers;

Earning Self-Empowerment & Self-Efficacy through interactive teams, projects & activities with opportunities for leadership roles, mentorship and access to needed resources where you can discover yourself and your own ability to develop ideas and launch projects;

Cultivating 21st Century Skills, developing Leadership Skills and practicing Management Styles through active participation and leadership roles within the 5 Steps and SWorld Global Chat.

Connect & Collaborate: Choose your SWorld Team/s to communicate with global peers about the topics you are most passionate about or wish to investigate!


–Spencer Jones, Global Scribes (New York City, USA)

“The World Wide Web can often be a hostile and unpleasant place, but Global Scribes discourages traditionally divisive subjects and fosters unity between persons from around the world. As a creative person, I appreciate the space Global Scribes provides for me and others to share material relating to subjects of interest such as music, movies, art and more. In my experience, there is nothing quite like what Cynthia English has created and I believe her vision can be instrumental to building bridges rather than walls.”

–Chaeun Moon, Global Scribes (South Korea)

“I never imagined myself interviewing with an amazing Moroccan chef who is living in Seoul, South Korea. I've never knew my perspective could be changed like this. Global Scribes broadens my knowledge about world by giving chances to meet people from different nations. As Global Scribes gets bigger, I feel I'm growing day by day as well.”

–Mustapha Dauda Gwary (Abuja, Nigeria)

"We live in a world where we are connected by technology but we are still ignorant about the diversity of the world and cultures of one another. With an initiative like Global Scribes using technology to unite global youth, we may be able to cure the ignorance and hopefully Global Scribes will serve as the bridge between technology and global youth to unite humanity and promote harmony.”

–Mufida Karibe (American University of Madaba, Jordan)

"I've always wanted to meet new people,to travel the world , to learn about other cultures ,to read and hear stories around the globe and most importantly to help people and help change the world but for many years my dreams seemed somewhat unattainable and then I met the CEO of Global scribes and now within a short period of time my life has changed completely through learning , creating ,connecting and collaborating with people around the world Being a part of global scribes is being a part of a world I've always dreamt of."

--Nafisa Ghazi, Parent (UK)

“Global Scribes is a fantastic group…it is a global youth driven initiative with the ultimate goal for world peace. It is wonderful to watch what they are doing and has set my own daughter on a great path of inner and intellectual growth.”


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